c 1910 Quarter sawn oak Sideboard. German/American made

       This sideboard is made of wood from the Black Forest in Germany. The craftmanship of this piece looks to be of a German trained woodworker.

circa 1910 Quarter sawn oak Sideboard. German/American made


Lion head at top of sideboard

Looks to have two flying dog statues on either end to support to top


Two upholstered (c)1940 Victorian Parlor chairs

These two chairs are of Walnut wood and burnt peach velvatene upholstery. Fabric is in good shape but has some slight discoloring on one seat.

Good morning antique furniture lovers..

Antique furniture is my favorite kind of antique. It can be the center of the room, or just an accent. It can be a functional part of your house, or just something to admire from afar.. It is the base to the overall feel to your home.
The best part is, I love to repair and restore furniture that has seen the bad side of life. It brings me joy to see a piece of furniture, that might otherwise be dumped in a landfill, be brought back to life again for another 40, 50 or even 100 more years.
It’s true what they say. “They just don’t make-em like they used to.”

I’ll be posting photos of pieces that we have repaired, restored or just cleaned up a little.

See ya soon..
Robert Bessone