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Are Antiques Back in Style for 2013?

Antique lovers unite. Trends for 2013 are predicted to include decorating with antiques. Yes, timeless accents and sturdily built furniture will be in favor over mass-produced furnishings. Help welcome this trend in for the new year. Let me show you how.

• Quality and Style

Top shelf interior designer Bunny Williams has it right. In a recent House Beautiful article she said, “Why pay $12,000 for a new chest of drawers when you can buy a gorgeous handmade faded mahogany thing at auction for $1,200?” Why, indeed. Look for quality antique pieces popping up everywhere in 2013. They will give homes a look of distinction, timeless beauty and be a much better value for the money.

• Mixing Old and New

Design blog queen, Emma Fexeus, exhibited a perfect example of how to integrate antiques into a new space. In 2008, she posted a picture of an industrial kitchen in minimalist style with sleek stainless and a long narrow contemporary table. The punch in the picture was the 10 mismatched antique chairs surrounding the table. Fast forward this mix to 2013. You don’t have load a room with antiques. Just mix old with new using a unifying color or purpose. The look is spectacular.

Interior designer, Dan Doyle, won House Beautiful “Kitchen of the Month” by mixing salvaged, thick and heavy shelves from an old mill and swing out stools from an old schoolhouse. All of this was alongside stainless and brick in another industrial kitchen design. The look is bold – yet comfortable and organic. Mixing old with new will be very popular in kitchens in 2013.

• Antiques Are the Epitome of “Green” Decorating

You can join the trend in 2013 by purchasing local antiques and decorating “green.” Shop locally; that means you’ll be using less gas to make your purchase. And that’s a big help for the environment. Then consider that old piece won’t end up in a landfill. Better yet, a 1,000-year-old tree won’t have to be cut down to make your dining table.

• Timeless Accents

Antique accents like weathered mirrors and tabletop pieces will bring a timeless element to 2013 spaces. Browse shops for interesting items like an old camera, a brass telescope or anything else that brings the past into your present surroundings.

Whether you’re combining new and old or going 100 percent traditional, antique furnishings will always be a foolproof conversation starter. And they’ll be a big hit in 2013.

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Are Antiques Back in Style for 2013?

Terry Mulligan, Yahoo! Contributor Network
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